1. Statistics

The Street Sweeping Unit is one of the most important units in the City of Oakland. It works to make sure the living environment in Oakland is clean and healthy. Street sweeping cleans streets in every corner of the city, even the most unvisited areas.

During 2019, 20 operators in the Street Sweeping Department in the City of Oakland:

Worked for


days of cleaning


97% of calendar year

day and night



miles of road


15.5 trips

from the West Coast to East Coast



tons of garbage



standard household trash bins


Vehicles parked on the street during street sweeping hours make it impossible to complete the street sweeping activity.

Therefore, parking violations are enforced during street sweeping hours to minimize interruption to street sweeping. However, there are still many vehicles blocking the streets during the scheduled street sweeping hours ...

2. Ticket Facts

Street Sweeping parking violations account for the vast majority of parking tickets among all parking violation categories in 2019.

Number of Parking Tickets of Top 5 Parking Violation Types*

= 1,000 parking tickets
Parking Violations

*Parking violation data based on Feb - Dec 2019 data from

Which areas are getting ticketed?

Street Sweeping parking violations are not evenly distributed across different neighborhoods. Some areas incur more street sweeping tickets than others. And the density of street sweeping tickets differs between day time and night time.

3. Heatmap

A heat map of the number of street sweeping violation ticket issued in 2019. The darker the color, the more street sweeping tickets there are in the area.

Why are some areas ticketed more?

Sometimes the ticket density is related to the street sweeping schedule. That is, the more frequently the street is swept, the the higher the number of street sweeping violations. However, that is not always the case.

Let’s take a closer look at the scheduled street sweeping frequency and the ticket density in your neighborhood.

4. Tickets Patterns

Is there any correlation between street sweeping frequency and the number of tickets? Can we find any patterns between them? Let's take a look at two maps of street sweeping frequency and ticket density.

Sweeping Frequency

This map shows the monthly frequency of sweeping routes. Notice certain regions are scheduled more frequently.
Click around to explore the different neighborhoods!

What do you think?

My street is swept too often.



Ticketing Patterns

Below we see the tickets issued during a month in 2019, color coded by tickets per mile. Warmer colors indicate a higher density of tickets.

Does that surprise you?

My neighborhood received more street sweeping tickets than I thought.



You have options!

Do you think your neighborhood's sweeping schedule is unreasonable? You can request to change the street sweeping schedule!

For more information about street sweeping services

To request a street sweeping schedule change